Chaos and information overload…has it got you wondering where to turn? Are we to be held up in our houses with people that may or may not be working for us or fearing vaccines becoming ill or even death?

 Don’t fear my friend for that will only take you down a rabbit hole that seems inescapable. How do you handle this? Limit your exposure to ongoing news and people who are in trauma and drama. I know, it’s pretty hard to get out of that, but what if you could be the beacon of positivity that people are looking for? What if you could begin to shape the future for you and others by creating something different?

We can never change things at the level of which they are created so merely thinking and pushing against all the impact of the world events only feeds the energy. What it you started to look at the future that you would like to have and create. It could be 1 month from now, 6 months or even longer. If you know that you can create the future would you really have fear? Why not just start with today and see how much more ease you can create in your life by simply creating.