Most of us have been told that critical thinking is essential. But what lies beyond thought? Everything!! Thinking is required for calculations and thinks like that. Beyond those functions, thinking is a limitation of the mind. Our minds often work against us and tell us all the things we cannot do, or be or create and really get in the way of happiness. Most of what controls our choices and decisions occur in the subconscious mind which is generally 95% of all that governs how we function.  The funny thing is that most of us try to change things from changing thoughts, and that really doesn’t work. The lineal functioning of thought is energetically electric and keeps us from all creativity and separates us from being.  You actually have to get beyond thought in order to change anything. Have you noticed that no matter how many books you read on change or focus on a particular area that you would like to be different ….it doesn’t really change? Moving beyond thought and changing things at the level of energy and conconsciouness, that holds what is true, is beyond thought. When you eliminate the energy that is holding the thoughts and disharmonies in place, they just disappear. This leaves space for new things to show up in your life, it’s kind of like a vacuum. What would you like in your life that you have not yet been able to have, be or create?