What does that mean? If you were to function beyond the stress, fear and frayed nerves of most people on the planet, that would be a great start! Here we are..not able to go out too far, being with many people whom we don’t generally spend a lot of time with and trying not to be bored or stressed. You may be one of the many people who now have a lot more on your plate than ever before. Let’s face it, how much fun is it to live in the stress and the question is how can we create beyond it. Have you had a chance to take advantage of what these times have to offer? Maybe allow others in the family to learn new skills to contribute?  I have several clients that have shared that they are finding more time for themselves and really examine what is working for them. How were they spending their time previously?  Do they have other choices that would take them on the path of joy and more fulfillment?

What if we could choose to move beyond the fray and survival that everyone is choosing and have more fun. If you missed my weekly Coffee with Terrie – Inspiration, it may lift your spirits. Bring your own Coffee (BYOC) Register Here.