I am a PhD., and Doctor of Natural Medicine and scientist with advanced studies in quantum medicine and consciousness and energy transformation. These components are elemental to our existence and therefore when changed at that level it is fast and effective. I have been transforming people’s health, lives, relationships and businesses for over 20 years.

As a published researcher and scientist,I continue to explore and create science based research and research endeavors beyond science on treatments to address the disease and suffering of the body, mind and spirit.


Published Research: The Effects of Access Bars on Anxiety and Depression

Research Unpublished: The effects of EFT on Anxiety – a QEEG examination

Research Contributor:  EEG, QEEG, sLORETA, GDV, Examination of “The Bars” Energetic Process Related to Electromagnetic Components of Thoughts, Emotion and Stress

Research Contributor: QEEG aquisition – Advanced workshops – Dr Joe Dispenza












Public Speaking


Scientific Presentations


2017 International Conference of Association of Energy Psychology:

San Antonio, Texas, USA – Scientific Research Presentation


2018 Access Consciousness Global Foundation Meeting:

Houston, Texas, USA – Research Presentation






2020 Núcleo de Cuidados Integrativos do Hospital Sírio Libanês:

New Perspectives for Anxiety Depression and Stress

Practical Applications in Quantum Medicine


Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America