Programs designed to actualize your potential

Programs are designed to contribute to you and a life that is greater.

Current Programs

Your Body

Renew - Regenerate

Eliminate all major stressors to allow your body to fully renew and regenerate.

Release Regenerate

Create the weight that is right for your body. Eliminate and balance the elements that keep you from reaching your desire target.

Sleep and Regenerate

Sleeping deeply is a key component to regenerating your body, and can affect happiness. The cause is not always your brain.

Release Heavy Metals

Your body functions optimally without the toxic burden of heavy metals. They are often unidentified as contributors to health issues. Once released your body will start to regenerate.

Renew - Headache free

Create a pain free life without headaches. Release the cause and create the balance you desire.

Candida and Parasite Free

Have more energy and live without the upsets and struggle of getting free of candida or parasites.

Your Brilliance

Clear Limitations

Be the brilliance of you!  If you had no challenging beliefs and limitations what would your life be like? P.S. They are seldom conscious!

Your Joy and Happiness

Stress Redesign and Resilience

Beyond the situational what is it that keeps you stressed? Learn what keeps you on the stress hampster wheel and discover a new way so it not longer has an affect on you and you body.

Stress Release

Release and relax while you are living your life. You can reap the benefits of this program without needing to do anything else. We will handle the details.

Bliss of Union

Recalibrate and have a greater connection with you and others. This program will assist you to become better connected to you and release the elements that keep you from having the relationships you desire