Case Studies

What have people experienced

Case 1 – Anxiety and Exhaustion – Platform Needed

I had been suffering from chronic exhaustion and anxiety which was seriously impacting my ability to think clearly and complete my consulting work. After years of using a cocktail of supplements and medication that helped intermittently, I needed a program that would give me a solid foundation I could build from.

I worked with Terrie twice a week for 6 weeks.

Results: I am stronger, mentally and physically, more grounded and lighter which I have brought with ease  to my day to day life and work to great success. I changed perspectives of things that had plagued me since childhood and am now able to function differently in the world.

I would work with Terrie again in a heartbeat” Jennifer, Toronto


Chronic Headaches

I had chronic headaches for over 35 years and was getting worse. After visiting a neurologist it was recommended that I take a medication that may have caused serious cognitive side effects. 

 Improvement after 2 sessions and did 8-10 sessions before it resolved

 I was thrilled with the results and do not require medication now.

Risa, Toronto

Breast Cysts

A sonogram revealed multiple breast cysts with was very disconcerting to me. I was already working with Dr Terrie and she suggested she might be able to help. A subsequent sonogram within that year showed they were non-existent. Many thanks. AH

Why Us?


Quick Changes

You will be amazed at how quickly certain things can change, no matter how long they have been limiting or bothering you.


Change beyond the obvious

I look to seee all aspects that may be contributing to the imbalances. Physical, emotional, generational and anything else.