Immune Boosting and Increase Healing

Boosting the immune system using biophoton coherence. This process not only boosts your immune system it also aids in increasing the cells ability to communicate and speed up your bodies the healing processes.


Eliminate heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, electromagnetic frequencies or anything else. Your immune system will improve and hence your you will heal faster.  You will experience more clarity of thought and energy.

Progress beyond disease

Health and wellbeing are actively available very quickly. What are you longing to change whether it is new or long term?  You can change the direction and initiate your bodies ability to heal and change quickly.

Release loneliness, fear and sadness

Has this topsy turvy world left you feeling flat or not yourself? Do you have uncertainty about the future? Would you like a boost?

Reverse Aging

What is causing aging? Would you like to change it from the inside out? What would you like your future to be like? Is your trajectory for wellbeing and aging in the direction you would like to have?

Upgrade Frequencies – Become a Magnet

Become a Money Magnet? You and your business can be harmonized to become the magnet that would allow you to have money and the abundance you desire.

Spring Detox

Give your body an upgrade and release unwanted toxins and heavy metals effectively without the need for long programs. Experience more balance.

Skin and Facial Rejuvenation

Are you wanting to glow and change your skin and appearance? Heal your skin from the inside out!

Weight Release

Weight and Cellulite – Begone!